How to wear a baseball cap ?

Today, baseball caps are mainly associated with rappers and celebrities, who unsuccessfully try to hide from the paparazzi trampling on their heels. It is also one of the hottest trends in fashion in recent months. The first version of such popular hats appeared as early as in the 19th century. Its creation was dictated by need. Baseball caps were supposed to protect athletes from rain, wind and harsh sun. However, they were far from being a perfect baseball cap for today’s baseball caps in every respect. The canopies of these first hats were usually made of cardboard, and the head protection part was devoid of ornaments and was only available in the most basic colors. This, however, began to change gradually when players from New York baseball clubs began to play regularly in the baseball caps. Baseball caps in club colors with inscriptions and graphics became the norm. Mass production of caps began relatively recently, in the 1950s.


Over the years the appearance of baseball caps has hardly changed. The novelty was the introduction of the division into 2 types of caps: snapback and full cap. The first one has a profiled back and its width can be modified to fit the shape of the head even better. New materials have also appeared – light and airy, which work well even during the hottest weather. Modern hats with a canopy effectively protect against rain, wind and sharp sun rays. However, they are no longer just functional and are no longer associated only with pitches.

Baseball caps have become a cult element of big city style. It is a distinctive accessory that works well in many styles. Trendsetters courageously wear caps even with a suit. Less risky, but still very impressive are sets with casual, street and sports clothes and shoes.

Baseball caps look good with jeans, baggy pants, regular tracksuits and pants with short legs. They add slack to simple T-shirts and tank tops. They look interesting with a casual shirt. They create a sensational duo with a fashionable sweatshirt or sports jacket. Model in more expressive colors can easily screw up even the most conservative outfit.

The baseball bat is almost synonymous with urban slack. However, the way it is worn is not without significance. Baseball bat worn with a baseball cap at the front looks classic. But you just have to rip the cap up a little, turn the canopy around or put on sunglasses, and the simple model will immediately look completely different.

It is worth remembering one thing. The hood caps look good if you take proper care of them. Washing in a washing machine is not a good idea. To keep the cap in shape and beautiful colors for a long time, it is best to clean it with a sponge or a damp cloth on the inside. Powders and strong detergents are good to replace with ordinary grey soap.

How to choose and wear baseball caps correctly ?

In the men’s and women’s closet there will certainly be a pair of baseball caps. Depending on the style, the baseball caps can even be combined with elements of classic clothing, not to mention sports, casual and other styles. It is true that it is not always possible to choose the right outfit to make it look lovely and impressive. To understand how to choose, properly combine and wear these accessories, we recommend reading the information and useful tips contained in this article on the PrintSalon blog.

Types of modern baseball hats

Determining which style of baseball cap suits you best is not so easy, so it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with all major models.

1. “Flat” or “flat cap” 

there are two types. Wide models, considered traditional, were in the trend until the early fifties. Later, they started to make narrower headgear, which tightly covered the head. The canopy was slightly raised, narrowed and shortened, which looked very nice on the side. Both options are cut together with the canopy, so it has no rigid base.

2. “Eight-piece” (“Eight-piece cap”) 

this model is considered to be the most elegant due to its design. It was sewn 8 pieces of wedge-shaped material and the top is decorated with a button. They were often worn by newspaper salesmen.

3. “Baseball bat”  

differs from other similar products in its original style. It has an elongated oval canopy, always with a rigid base, and to give it a narrower shape, it is often curved on the sides. The top is made of so-called “flakes”, which end at the top with a button. At the back there is a volume regulator and the seam is on the left side of the product. On each piece of fabric, there are small eyelets – small vents.

4. the “Sketch” 

differs from the other original cut: raised base, which certainly rises above the head, a short rounded peak and a flat top. For men it is more suitable for square shape and for women for round shape. The helmets must be worn on the head, so that the lower side parts cover the ears.

5. “Bike canopy cap” 

sewn with a short peak so as not to obscure the review of the athlete. Lightweight fabrics are used to make the helmet easy to wear on top.

6. “Bini” 

They resemble a dense winter hat, are complemented by a narrow and short canopy, which looks more like a decoration. It is sewn, like a baseball cap, from six “flakes”, but the base is wide. Before buying, remember that the bini should cover the entire area of the head, but only to the ears.

7. the “Jockey Bowlshield Cap”

has a rigid base with a canopy, is made without seams, in the end, should be invisible. The product is necessarily decorated with zirconia, fur inserts, etc., as it is designed exclusively for girls.

8. “Trucker” or “Trucker” hooded cap 

they are often made with a large hood, a mesh is sewn into the back of the head and a wide panel is inserted in the forehead area. The regulator can be of any kind. The cover is not put on completely, because it has to rise above the head.

9. “Duck” 

a popular thing among young people. A characteristic feature is a small canopy, which resembles a bird’s beak in shape and is covered with fabric folds. The product itself is gradually narrowed, starting from the occipital.

10. “Needle” 

It differs from the curved roof, which is usually painted in a different color than the base color. It consists of five “flakes”.

11th Military Headgear 

For sewing, rickets are used, which are different from other models. Some have special inserts to cover the ears.

12th “Hunter” 

They are easy to recognize by two canopies (front and occipital) and two foldable ear panels that can be lifted up and fastened.

13th “Military”

is quite a comfortable cap, very soft to the touch, with a trimmed peak. Inside there is a cotton insert, which absorbs moisture perfectly.

15. “German” or “Cadet” 

has a low cylindrical top, which fits well to the head. The canopy is rectangular, has a medium or small length.

14. “Raper” or “Snapback”

It has a simple canopy, which is much wider than in a baseball tree and always square in shape. The “Bellhop” is quite spacious, usually completed with a plastic clip. Such a baseball cap should stick well to the head.

15. “Five-panel”

It is sewn from five pieces of fabric. To do this, prepare a wide front panel, two sides and two

How to choose a baseball cap correctly?

What are the types of caps

How does it best fit into your outfit and image? First of all you should look at your closet. Many baseball caps do not match suits, bright zirconia dresses, shoes and coats. If you wear a thick orthaltic jacket with a linen baseball cap, the look will be nonsense. These two closet details should be sewn from similar materials, both in terms of type and density.

It is very undesirable to combine new sportswear with a colorful baseball cap decorated with fur, zirconia and sparkles. A simple baseball cap will look funny against the background of an elegant blouse, evening dress, elegant jewelry. Pay attention to the amount of outerwear. If you have a brass thing, you should not buy miniature hats.

As far as color solutions are concerned, when picking up a headgear, it is desirable to focus on traditional patterns and colors because it will be easier to combine the rest of the clothes with them:

herringbone, pasty and big check ornament;
all kinds of shades of grey, brown and green;
products with natural shades, such as mud-brown, earthy, dry grass, look particularly interesting;
the grille with dots of blue, red, yellow;
animal print, imitation crocodile or snake skin;
floral compositions in the “Provence” style, preferably with small buds.
Of course, the new red or turquoise new throw will perfectly emphasize your style and character, if you “fit” it properly to the outfit. For this it is necessary that some other detail has a similar color. It can be a scarf, handkerchief, strings, T-shirt print, insole on outerwear etc.

How to determine the optimal cut of a baseball cap?


Before you buy, evaluate your figure, height and shape of your face and think about which choice is best:

For tall men and women, it is better to give up models that “sit” on top of your head and increase your height even further;
for low people, it is better to avoid products with a canopy that is too long: the smaller the height, the shorter the canopy;
flat caps with a peak make the face rounder and products with a high base pull it out;
the more mature the silhouette, the bigger the headgear should be;
a wide canopy makes the face wider.
If you take these principles into account, you will surely choose a stylish thing that will really decorate you.